Sunday, December 18, 2016

What To Do in Drafting a Will?

Drafting a will may not be a pleasant task, but you need to do it if you want to ensure that your earthly good are left in the right hands when you’re gone. Why you should a will? A will is somewhat an assurance that your possessions will be taken care of even you go six feet under the ground. A will lets you control what will happen to your property if that time comes. And if you have kids who are still minors, you can choose a guardian to take care of them. In writing a will you can decide, who can get what, and how much.

If you’re ready to write that will now, here’s what to do in drafting a will.

  • 1.       Do it yourself, use online software or hire a probate lawyer. In drafting your will can do it yourself, you can look up on google some examples to pattern your own. But the possibilities of making mistake are numerous. This could cause a lot of problem in the future, if I were you I avoid DIY in writing a will. The next option is by using a legal online site, but this also is prone to some mistakes. The best option is to hire a trusted probate lawyers Meville. It may cost some dollars but you can be assured that your will is legal and binding.
  • 2.       Choose your beneficiaries wisely. This is the most critical part of drafting a will. You may have to think long and hard before deciding who get what and how much they can have. If you hire a lawyer, he or she will transfer your decision to a legal document. Remember that is it important to be specific who get what. If you want the youngest son to inherit your golf set, write it down in your will.
  • 3.       Choose an executor. The executor is the person you trusted most to make sure that your wishes is followed. See to it that you choose someone who is responsible and trustworthy. You may also want a neutral party to be your executor to avoid conflict among your heirs.
  • 4.       Choose a guardian to your minor children. If you have a minor child or children, it is important that you have the chosen guardian for your kids written in your will. And you don’t actually need to their permission to be elected as the guardian of your kids.
  • 5.       Attach a letter. Since a will is a legal document you don’t have much leeway in expressing your sentiments, hopes and desires. By attaching a letter you can expressing your wishes and hopes to those you left behind.
  • 6.       Have it signed a by witness. In Melville, you need at least two witnesses to attest your will. The two witnesses must be of legal age and are capable to testify in court in case someone would contest your will in the court.
  • 7.       Don’t forget to sign your will. Unless you are illiterate, in deathbed, ill or in accident that you don’t have the capacity to sign you need to sign your will to be legally valid. In a case that you are not capable of signing you can choose someone to sign your will for you in your presence.
  • 8.       Keep your will safe. Don’t just put your will anywhere. Put in a place where it is secure and fireproof. It is advisable to put in a bank together with other important papers.
  • 9.       Keep it updated. If you have purchased a new property or would want disinherit Cousin Joe all you have to do is update your will. It is sensible to update your will every 4 – 5 years.